Tip of the week your Arizona Water Softener

What is hard water?

Water that contains minerals is referred to as hard water. When water has travelled through limestone and chalk, calcium and magnesium minerals, these minerals may be deposited into the water. Iron is also found in some hard water. Hard water is an extremely common problem with upwards of 85% of American households being affected.

Hard water is detrimental to appliances and pipes as the mineral deposits build up and reduce efficiency. The life expectancy of an appliance is often greatly reduced when it is run with hard water.

Hard water leaves mineral deposits on everything it comes into contact with – dishes, faucets, shower doors, and clothes, as well as our skin and hair look and feel duller with hard water.

How to fix hard water?

The most common residential water softening techniques are ion-exchange and reverse osmosis. Ion-exchange works by exchanging the hard water deposits for softer water.

The water softener is full of ion-exchange resin that will swap the calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water with sodium or potassium ions. The result is softer water.