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What Are Dehumidifiers?

There is a home appliance that many tend to overlook when it comes to owning or maintaining – a dehumidifier. This is an essential part of home ownership because weather conditions often affect the indoor quality of our air.

Excess moisture is not good because musty smells start to appear, then not long after there is mold or mildew. Keeping moisture at a safe level in the home is very important for your health and the health of your family. Also, on a humid summer day the humidity can be so high it truly affects your comfort level.

There are many different makes and models out there each comprised of the same basic components:

  • A fan compressor (pulls in air and distributes a Air Conditioning cooling agent over unit’s coils).
  • Cooling coils remove moisture by cooling the air.
  • A re-heater
  • A reservoir to collect moisture pulled from the air. (Collected water can be recycled to water houseplants.)

Remove Moisture Regularly Before It’s Too Late

Having too much moisture is not good for your health and it can be detrimental to the value of your home. In the world of real estate the word moisture is a huge red flag and this can cost the seller tens of thousands of dollars in the sale or to remedy. This is because where there is moisture there is a good chance that there is mold lurking somewhere which is hard to detect and becomes a nightmare to remove.

There is no shortage of stories about people purchasing older (and newer) homes and becoming sick not knowing why. After a long and exhaustive search for the answer the learn the source is mold. Mold is a fungus and if it is not totally eradicated it will continue to spread.

Use a dehumidifier in any area of your home that has a musty or damp smell. Be sure to keep humidity levels below 50 percent. Most dehumidifiers have a humidity control and the optimum range is generally between 30 and 50 percent. Also remember to clean the collection vessel on a regular basis and the condensation coils also need cleaning every so often.

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