Phoenix A/C TUNE-UP

ac tune-up special

$29 A/C Tune-up Inspection SPECIAL*

Did you know you can avoid most AC system problems with regular maintenance? That’s why we developed our 22-point tune-up and AC inspection. Christian Brothers help make sure that your air conditioner is running at its optimal system level while also avoiding expensive AC repairs.


Here are a few great reasons why everyone should get an AC Tune-up:

  • Longer Life of AC System
  • Be Confident That Your AC System Is Running Efficiently
  • Gives You Peace of Mind
  • Save Money on Your Utility Bills
  • Prevent Expensive AC Repairs
  • Helps Prevent AC Breakdowns
  • Prevents Environmental Damage
  • Can Cause Health Issues

Why Get Your AC Tune-up From Christian Brothers A/C, Plumbing & Electrical?

At Christian Brothers we perform a full 22-point tune-up and AC inspection. We check your system to make sure that it is running as efficiently as possible. This helps by saving you money. Your technician will also inspect critical components of your AC unit such as capacitors, motors, contractors, etc, to ensure system reliability. We check your duct system to make sure you’re not wasting energy or air. And, we make sure your AC system is running at optimal performance so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down in bad weather or costing you more on your energy bill than necessary. Your air conditioner needs tuned-up in order to make sure it’s bringing enough air to cool the house our procedure involves verifying that the condenser is working to bring this air in.

This month Christian Brothers is running a special on Tune-ups , Get a 22-point Tune-up and Safety Inspection for only $69.95! ($20 off) click here to see details on our tune-up special!

The Benefits Of Using Experts For Your AC Tune-Up

Setting up a routine check will help save your hard earned money and any headaches that happen when the Air Conditioning system suddenly stops working properly. So, how do you save a ton of money? By keeping the hot air out. Your AC cooling system works much harder and uses much more energy if there are leaks or other efficiency problems. Our licensed AC technicians know just what to look for. Check out more information on Mini-Split air conditioners.

We will check your air filter, AC coolant levels, condenser coils, drains, evaporator and more. Our trained eyes will look for other smaller problems that may become bigger ones in the future. We also focus on cleaning the dirt and dust that can accumulate and lead to your system’s breakdown. During high usage time, you want to make sure you’re replacing your air conditioner filters.

Keep in mind that there are many filters out there, but we will help you find the right one for you. Whether you’re in need of standard air conditioning services like routine tune-ups or would like to schedule a long-term maintenance service, Christian Brothers is ready to help you. Schedule a tune-up! Call Now: 623-499-9794 to schedule.