4 Ways To Lower Cooling Costs

Summer is finally here and air conditioners all across Arizona are revving up and ready to go. In this part of the country, keeping your air conditioner on in the summer is mandatory for safety. Likewise, if you’re wanting a comfortable home, air conditioning will make all the difference. Thank goodness for A/C, right?

Hang on just one moment. Although air conditioning is a useful tool to raise your quality of life, running it constantly may put a dent in your wallet. Not to mention the strain it will put on the unit itself.

In this situation, what can be done to keep your home cool? Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your house cool at the lowest cost possible. Here are 4 things you can do to lower your cooling costs.

Close Your Blinds

This is a tip not many homeowners know about. By keeping your blinds shut and your curtains closed, you can lower the overall temperature of your home. You may still need to run the air conditioning, but the A/C unit won’t need to work as to cool your house to the desired temperature. Studies show that by blocking the sun from coming in the windows you can reduce heat gain by 45%. By putting those window shades down, you’ll be taking the strain off your air conditioning unit and cooling your home more effectively.

Avoid Heat Generators

Heat generators, such as ovens, stove tops, microwaves, and even TVs can often make your home harder to cool. This is because of the heat created by the working electricity flowing through each device. By avoiding using these devices until the sun goes down, you could be saving your AC from using unneeded amounts of energy. Doing this will also prevent each device from being over heated and malfunctioning. If you’re looking to lower the cost of your energy bill, avoid cooking indoors.

Maintain Your Unit

Providing maintenance for your cooling system like changing air filters and cleaning the unit, you’ll have a more efficient unit. If you have a Service Partner Plan with Christian Brothers, we can come out annually and do this for you. A tune up and regular maintenance are always good ideas, especially when summer is coming up fast. A better maintained air conditioning unit will save you in cooling costs due to higher level efficiency. Call Christian Brothers and we’ll take care of that for you.

Run A/C Economically

This one is simple, yet might be uncomfortable. By running your A/C at a higher temperature, for example 78 degrees rather than 72, you can drastically lower your cooling costs. Usually, the higher you set your temperature in your home, the more your energy bill will decrease. Take advantage of times when you’re gone at work or out for the night. Before you leave, move the temperature up to 85 degrees. When you get home, lower it back to 78. This could save you over 10% on your energy bill every month. That’s easy money in your pocket. Also, don’t forget to run ceiling fans to get the air circulating!

Call Christian Brothers

We have expert level technicians who can be at your home as soon as possible. They are trained in customer service and satisfaction. By providing maintenance and giving your air conditioning unit a tune up, they can get your A/C running as efficiently as possible. Call today at 623-499-9794.