Emergency Plumbing

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could plan out emergency situations? It would be great to know when your toilets going to clog or when your faucet will spring a serious leak. Unfortunately, the thing about emergencies is you’ll never see them coming!

In this unpredictable world, is there anything you can rely on to be there when you need it. Luckily, there is! Christian Brothers AC Plumbing and Electrical is always there when you need us. We have full service install repair, replacement, and maintenance whenever a disaster occurs in your home.

Some may ask what’s the big deal about offering emergency plumbing. If you’ve ever thought this, here are 3 reasons emergency plumbing services are a must for any homeowner.

Reduced Damages

Something most homeowners never forget to think about when a plumbing emergency occurs is the amount of damage they will see in their homes. Likewise, how much the cost will be to get everything back to normal.

When you call Christian Brothers for an emergency, we’ll be there quick enough to reduce or prevent any possible damage that may occur. Facing emergency plumbing situations is one of our specialties.

Our technicians train on how to troubleshoot any major issue in your plumbing. We approach the situation with your well being in mind. With Christian Brothers, you’ll never have to wonder who is really on your side.

Emergency Plumber Glendale, AZ

Clean Up

Christian Brothers technicians not only train on how to repair the issue, but will also help with clean up. When these catastrophes occur, you’ll notice the benefit of having a professional clean up for you.

Assuming the clog is severe and the toilet has led to a flood in your bathroom and maybe more, there are special cleaners and equipment that can help. A Christian Brothers mobile store will have the right tools for the job.

Once again, the clean up of a plumbing emergency is no joke. Please consult our professional help and let us take care of it for you.

Plumbing Glendale, AZ

Learn the Issue

Educating you on the issue is of the utmost importance to us. With the help of a technician from Christian Brothers, you’ll receive all the information on how the problem happened and how you can prevent it in the future.

In today’s age of plumbing services, we consider it our responsibility to share all the information we learn with our customers. Gone are the days of prying a plumber for answers. With us, you’ll get the full story.

We can even tell you what to watch out for and give you signs to look for so the issue doesn’t get you again. We do this so you can more adequately protect your family, home, livelihood, and peace of mind.

Service Partner Plan

With a Christian Brothers Service Partner Plan, you’ll jump to the top of our emergency list! This prioritization of your needs is just one of the many benefits of a Service Partner Plan.

You’ll also get a free annual plumbing inspection to help prevent these types of plumbing emergencies. Thus stopping the problem before it even starts!

To purchase a Service Partner Plan, call Christian Brothers at 623-499-9794 and schedule an appointment to see one of our technicians today!